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Fitzroy ATM Service to be Withdrawn

17 June 2019

ATM’s have been a source of debate in Fitzroy Crossing for some time now. The only ATM’s in town are currently managed by Ngiyali Roadhouse - owned by Marra Worra Worra Aboriginal Corporation.

Marra Worra Worra says that they, on average, circulate $150,000 each week through the two ATM’s but soon that will come to a stop.

As of July 1st both the ATM’s at Ngiyali Roadhouse - the only two in Fitzroy Crossing - will be removed.

Dylan Storer investigated for The Edge.



Full Statement from Marra Worra Worra CEO, Dickie Bedford 17/6/2019

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the status of the Ngiyali Roadhouse ATM machines. 

Ngiyali Roadhouse is not a bank and has used its own money to fill the ATM machines

There are two ATM machines at the roadhouse, and both current contracts expire at 30 June 2019.

The MWW board passed a resolution at their May board meeting to return the ATM machines, not to renew any new contracts, for the following reasons;

Ngiyali Roadhouse’s primary purpose/business is to sell fuel and food.

Availability of Cash. 

On average $150,000 per week is circulated through the ATM machines. Cash is delivered once a week. The cash is flown into Fitzroy Crossing at the expense of the business, these costs are not covered off by the fees and charges and the ATM costs of repairs and maintenance and bank fees does not generate any profit, in fact the machines run at a loss.

Ngiyali Roadhouse has asked our Bank (ANZ) to provide ATM Service to Fitzroy Crossing, but they have declined due to the risk being too high.

Perhaps it is time for other businesses in the town to offer ATM facilities at their business locations.

Once again thank you for your enquiry.

Kind Regards,

Dickie Bedford