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Hundreds of Cattle Die on Noonkanbah Station

20 March 2019

Hundreds of Cattle have died on Noonakbah Cattle Station in the Fitzroy Valley, the incident is currently being investigated by the Western Australian Government. Wangki Radio reached out to Yungngora Association for an interview, the request was declined but Yungngora did send a media statement issued by their lawyers, you can find that below

Dylan Storer spoke with CEO of the Kimberley Pilbara Cattleman's Association, Emma White about the incident and the Ministerial Roundtable into the future of the North West Cattle Industry. 



Media Statement Issued on behalf of Yungngora Association

1. Yungngora Association Inc. (YAI) holds the pastoral lease to the Noonkanbah Station in the Kimberley region. The Yungngora people have a proud and longstanding history working the station, having been employed on the station since it was established in the early 1880s. The station was subsequently purchased by the Aboriginal Land Fund in 1976, and since then it has been successfully run by the people of the Yungngora Community.
2. In late December 2018, following unseasonably hot weather conditions, tragic circumstances occurred on Noonkanbah Station which culminated in a number of cattle perishing. Those conditions depleted the availability of water on the station (and affected the accessibility of water), which led to the unfortunate deaths.
3. The YAI Council is dismayed that this situation has occurred, but is actively co-operating with the Department of Primary Industries and the Pastoral Lands Board to put in place measures to ensure that any re-occurrence is prevented. This co-operation is ongoing and YAI is committed to achieving an outcome which results in a better standard of care for the cattle on the station. YAI has appointed various consultants (as well as legal advisers) to assist it, and to work with the Department and the Pastoral Lands Board to progress matters.
4. YAI is aware that a number of media outlets have reported on the cattle deaths, although the reported numbers have unfortunately been exaggerated. The total head of cattle which perished over the Christmas period was 490, including those which were euthanized.
5. YAI and the Yungngora people will learn from this tragic situation, and look forward to continuing their work on the station. YAI intends to refrain from making any further comment until the current investigations are concluded.