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Meet Your Council Candidates

16 October 2019

The 2019 Shire of Derby / West Kimberley Council Elections are underway with early voting open and up to Election Day this Saturday 19th October. It's an important election for 5 council seats and with only one councilor re running there will be at least 4 new faces on council. With 12 candidates running, Wangki Radio managed to interview some of them and ask them about the future of our Shire.

We also have the Candidate Profiles for each candidate running in this election.

Keith Bedford

I am a Bunuba person, living at Junjuwa Community. My passion has always been youth and creating pathways for them to have a better life. If elected I will make it my ambition to speak for those that don't have a voice so that they are heard to bring about change. I have actively been involved with aboriginal affairs for the past 25+ years and sat on several boards as Chairperson, Deputy Chair and Director around Fitzroy Crossing. I am very much a team player but most importantly I am a communal person with communal values seeking a better working partnership within the Shire of Derby West Kimberley and its members.

Philip Hams

I have lived in Fitzroy Crossing since 2006, originally moved here to set up a cattle fodder growing operation on Gogo Station. This has proven to be successful largely looking after the properties needs during the mustering season. In the late 80’s I worked with the Aboriginal Development Group so the Kimberley Region is one that I have had a longstanding relationship with. My wife and I having brought up 6 children in a remote town of Bourke NSW, I have a passion to assist the youth of this era to reach their full potential and understand their talents and follow dreams. Alongside economic development, I think that to move forward there are many other matters to be unfolded and look forward to being focused and working within Local Government to come up with results that work towards developing a sustainable future.

Charmane Backhouse

I am a local of Derby, born and raised. i am the oldest of my 10 siblings. I gave birth to 6 children and adopted 3 stepdaughters. I left many years ago to show my children a different way of life until my home town with the muddy waters called me back. Most of my children are now young adults who are respectable young individuals succeeding in the career paths and achieving their life goals. I grew up down the back streets of Derby and i have seen what it once was to where it is now. I want to be a voice for those who have something to say to help make our homes and streets safe again. I want to guide our young generation to be our better future. I work with the Derby Aboriginal Renal Hostel helping our people. I aim to make a difference!

Linda De Haan

My name is Linda De Haan and I would like to be part of your local counsel. I have lived and worked in Derby for the past 8 years. I am a psychologist and have worked in my chosen profession for the last 27 years. I have become part of the community and have been involved in many of the local committees in Derby with the aim of making a positive change to areas such as drug and alcohol abuse, youth problems and domestic violence. I believe that I have good listening and problem-solving skills that I can bring to the table. I am hard working and will be committed to supporting the council in making a difference in the Kimberley. In my roles as a psychologist I have gained considerable experience and understanding of working with Indigenous and non-Indigenous populations and I have worked extensively with young people. 

Graeme Campbell

Having been a rate payer in Derby for 13 years, and now that my wife and I are residents of Derby, I feel that I have a lot to offer as a candidate. I have vast experience in Local Government having served for 12.5 years on the Shire of Broome, 10.5 years as Shire President. Whilst President, I served in roles including Chair of the Shires Audit Committee, the Finance Committee and other Local Government committees. Some of my community involvements included Chair of the Broome Liquor Accord and also the Broome RoadWise Committee. I believe that the Shire needs a person with strong financial experience as well as an ability to understand the machinations of Local Government whilst maintaining an open and approachable connectiveness to the community in general. I look forward to bringing to the Shire of Derby West Kimberley a wealth of financial and Local Government experience.

Paul White

I am married with 4 adult children, have lived in the Kimberley most of my life and I'm passionate about future growth of this region socially, economically and environmentally. If elected,my desire for the future is:- >To see our communities become a more viable place to live with better schooling, medical services and public amenities to benefit all who live and work here. >Sustainability of the pastoral properties and supporting diversification of various land uses. >Redevelopment of our local port to support pastoral, mining, recreation and the armed forces. >Recommencement of direct jet air services to Perth. >Improving integration of indigenous and non-indigenous people working together in this region. *I am currently Deputy President of Derby West Kimberley Shire Council. * Co-Founder of KAMI & Ministry Coordinatior of Kingdom Aviation Ministries. *Deputy Chairperson Kimberley Remote Aid. * Chairperson of Home And Community Care. * Pastor of the Derby Baptist Church.

Lesley-Anne Geiger

I believe the Shire of Derby West Kimberley is the most wonderful place to live. I have been a Registered Nurse for 35 years and have been employed by Derby Hospital since 2010. I have cared for many residents of Derby and the surrounding communities I am passionate about our local area and am willing to work hard to ensure the social and economic success in our unique wilderness environment. I believe I promote openness and honesty in all my business dealings. I believe everyone should benefit from the decisions made by our council and we must plan for the future and spend time and money wisely. This starts with having sound representation to reflect the community’s aspirations. My wish is to promote a sense of pride, belonging and responsibility within our community. This in turn cultivates optimism, growth, wellness, and safety for current and future generations.

Rowena Mouda

Rowena was born in Derby and raised at One Arm Point Community. A descendent of the Oomeday, Nyikina and Bardi tribe of the West Kimberley region. Mother of four, together with her husband, spent 14 years at Junjuwa Communtiy in Fitzroy Crossing, 5yrs at One Arm Point before relocating to Derby with her family in 2012. Rowena has over 20 years’ experience in Community Organisations in the areas of Native Title, Community and Enterprise development and social and Life Skills. Rowena has also worked in Child Protection and Education, a passionate advocate for education, strong family units and Community lead organization with strong governance and leadership. Rowena has a Diploma of Business Management, has served on several Board’s over the past 20 years, Rowena is committed to developing strong, inclusive communities where everyone can contribute. She promotes sustainable development that achieves a balance between the needs of all relevant stakeholders.

Pat Riley

My name is Patricia Lisa Riley, I am known by many as Pat Riley, I was born at Derby Regional Hospital and lived all my life at Pandanus Park Community. I'm a mother of four (4) and grandmother of two (2). I am keen to take the opportunity to better understand the role of the council and use this to help the communities and the young youth to a brighter future. Health and water quality is very important to me and I would like to see this issue improved and resolved into the future. I am also committed to raising awareness of issues such as housing, family support and jobs in the communities of the Shire, and will work whilst on Council to see these concerns raised in an effort to improve the future of our young generations.

Steve Ross

My name is Steve Ross and am very happy to call Derby home. As a child I grew up in Perth completing high school at Hollywood senior High School then went into the work force. All of my employment has been in the construction industry from installing ceilings to designing complex security systems for the new Perth Arena and having my own business in designing new homes for builders in Perth. I’m currently a Field Supervisor looking after all the building maintenance for the people of Derby governed through the Dept of Communities Housing. With this in mind, I feel I am a great fit to nominate for Councillor with the Shire of Derby West Kimberley. I am passionate about the standard of housing in and around our community and will look forward to providing the people of Derby a clear voice in Council.

Nikki Stinson

Originally from the southeastern United States, I have been an Australian citizen for 22 years. My family and I have lived in many cultures and countries around the world, and have chosen Derby as our home. A teacher for many years,and now the School Chaplain at Derby District High School, I have spent most of my life working with and for young people and their communities. Derby is now my heart's home this side of heaven, and my goal is to be instrumental in finding resolutions to the issues we've experienced, and to build on the amazing character and community spirit of this town, so that everyone, including ourselves, recognises that Derby is, indeed, the best little town in the Kimberley. The budget and public works are a priority, but the well being of our people, as individuals and as a community must always be a major focus .

Allen Gianatti

Moved to Derby in February 2019 and own the Mud Crab Motel in Hardman St, also providing business advice. Although here just a short time it is clear that people in the Shire are struggling. Given the revaluation of properties in 2020 it isn't fair that people will have large increases in the rates in the dollar, because the Shire is not responsible with money. My opinion is the Shire should concentrate on the basics, all roads to be sealed in Derby and Fitzroy Crossing, street lighting on all streets to discourage crime. Combine some staff functions with other Shire's - do we really need our own full time town planner? Have own several businesses over the years both in WA and interstate. Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance) from UWA. Master of Science (Environmental Science) from Murdoch University Master of Science (Health and Safety) from University of Wollongong.