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Bunuba Woman's Rangers

Mitch interviews the Female Bunuba Rangers about the work they do out on country.


What Is Fracking and How Will It Effect You?

To describe fracking as controversial is an understatement, I investigate  exactly what fracking is and where it currently sits in Western Australia....


THE EDGE: Out on Walmajarri country in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia, there is a crack team of Aboriginal women conserving country and passing on traditional knowledge for future...

Mallingbar (Kennedy Hill) Community Demolition

THE EDGE: The Aboriginal Community of Mallingbar is a stone throw from Chinatown in Broome and for many years the Shire of Broome has wanted to demolish it. In recent years the community has...


Strong Opinions at Fitzroy Parlimentary Hearing

THE EDGE: There were strong voices and opinions from Fitzroy Valley residents at the public hearing of the Joint-Select Committee into Constitutional Recognition. 



Clontarf Boys Lead Our Footy Coverage

YOUTH MEDIA HUB: At Clontarfs 2018 Big River Carnival where teams from Broome, Derby, Halls Creek & Fitzroy Crossing came to compete in Football, Tug of War and take part in health activities...


New App to Connect Indigenous People Together

Wayne Bynder had a chat with Dr Chirs Laurance at Perth Airport about a new app he's working on that aims to connect indigenous people together.



We pay DOUBLE for insurance!

THE EDGE: The ACCC has released an interim report stating that the northwest of WA has the highest costs of home and contents insurance in the country, on average paying double what the rest...


Constitutional Recognition Hearings Coming to Fitzroy

THE EDGE: Dylan Storer interviews Senator Patrick Dodson about the upcoming parliamentary hearing on constitutional recognition to be held in Fitzroy Crossing. 



June Oscar coming back to Fitzroy Crossing

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner June Oscar AO is traveling back to Fitzroy Crossing for the Wiyi Yani U Thangani (Women’s Voices) project. Wane...


Nookanbah to Finaly Get Mobile Tower!

THE EDGE: Nookanbah is about to get it's first mobile tower, connecting the large community to the Telstra 4G Network. Dylan Storer caught up with Boyd Brown, the Area General Manager for...


Reconciliation Week: What is the Uluru Statement?

THE EDGE: One year ago hundreds of representatives from Indigenous Australia travelled to Uluru for the Constitutional Convention. The Uluru Statement from The Heart was the outcome of this...


Labor Pledges Live Sheep Export Ban - Should it spread to Cattle?

The Federal Labor party has pledged to ban live export of sheep if they win government at the next election. Many people are calling for that pledge to be extended to cattle exports....

Language Segments Launched

Wangki Radio has successfully launched our Language Segments programming, showcasing the traditional languages and the stories from the Fitzroy Valley. 

Wangki has been hard at...


Consumers Paying Extra Fees On Bills, Is It Legal?

Consumers are being slugged on their bills with extra fees like administration charges. Is this legal? Wayne caught up with Tom Chapman from Consumer Protection in Broome to find out.


Camp Dogs - Animal Managment in Remote Communities

There are many so-called "camps dogs" in and around Fitzroy Valley communities & feral cats are a huge drain on the environment. Stephen Cutter is from Animal Management in...


Youth Media Hub A Big Hit

Wangki Radio's Youth Media Hub is starting with a bang! Wangki was privileged to have 8 grade 11 & 12 students from Yiramalay - Wesley Studio School come into the studios for an induction...


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